Pub Satellite Package Deals

Our packages are designed to offer you a cost-effective solution to getting you in the game.

Whether you are a domestic or a commercial customer, we have a range of packages to suit you. We specialise in pubs and delivering you the latest and widest array of sport, movies and music.

The packages listed below are suitable for both domestic and commercial use and have been carefully compiled to give you the largest saving possible. All of the individual items that are listed in the packages below are available to purchase individually from ourselves, and a quick calculation of all the individual components would show you the substantial amount of money these cost-effective packages can save you!

Our Promise:

  •  No stupid installation costs;
  •  No over-inflated weekly or monthly payment charges;
  •  A one-off fee for 12 month viewing subscriptions.

Beware: Weekly and Monthly payment charges and a clear attempt to exploit and over-charge licencees.


Package 1: Sports

Package 2: Sports

Package 3: Sports

Package 4: Sports

Package 5: Sports

Package 6: Sports

Package 7: Sports

Package 8: Sports

Package 9: Sports

Package 10: Sports