Do's & Don'ts of Pub Satellite Systems



  1. Always ensure your new satellite system is European;

  2. Always sign up for a FREE weekly sporting fixtures email for your chosen package;

  3. Ensure ALL parts have a full 12 months warranty;

  4. Make sure the package you choose has the sporting fixtures you require.



  1. Do not accept under ANY circumstances buy “Internet” or “Card sharing” satellite system for a public house;
  2. (Internet & Card sharing Satellite Systems Are Totally Illegal Under The Copyright Theft Act)

    (More Licensees Were Prosecuted For These Satellite Systems In 2009 Than For Bypassing Brewlines “FACT”)

  3. Do not accept (None European Satellite Systems);

  4. Do not sign high monthly contract plans without checking the one-off payment discounts;

  5. Do not pay “Triple Inflated” monthly subscription payments (Ref point 3);

  6. Do not hand your bank details to ANYONE;

  7. Do not pass payment until your new system has been demonstrated working correctly;

  8. Do not accept substandard satellite installations from none qualified engineers.