Our Partners

None of our partners listed below are paying to advertise on this website - this is because they are each a close supplier and market partner within our business. We have placed them on our website to give you an insight in to where we source our stock, whom we trade with and what companies we deal with daily.

In addition to this, we have also listed a select few local businesses which we believe are worthy of some free publicity due to their outstanding customer care and our past experiences in dealing with them.

None of the below links will financially benefit us or increase our public stature; we just like to share what's best!


Humax is an international firm in the converging areas of broadcasting, communication, and technology and supplies digital consumer electronics.


Technomate are leading the market share for well-made, reliable satellite receivers and strive in a well maintained high level of customer satisfaction.


Triax UK is a leading supplier of multimedia systems for the reception, distribution and storage of video, audio and data.


Vador Security are a large local business that specialise in both domestic and commercial security. Their services range from CCTV to Access Control & more.


Universal Tyres are a local, well established family-run business that pride themselves in being both competitive in prices and friendly in service.