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Viaccess CAM

  • Viaccess Conditional Access Module.
  • Supports any Viaccess encrypted channels.

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Conax CAM

  • Ideal for all satellite receivers.
  • Supports DigitAlb, Tring, Canal+ cards.

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Diablo Cam Light


Diablo CAM Light

  • Version 2.3
  • Easy to program.
  • Cam open most encryptions when programmed.
  • Best supported Cam on the market.

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T-REX Super module



  • The T-REX SuperModule 4.6 is the newest and most powerful MultiCAM for the enthusiast.
  • Based on Predator Chipset technology, with the addition of an on-board powerful RSA secure processor, makes this the most powerful Multi-CAM on the market.
  • Includes FireCrypt, allowing compatibility with European pay tv services InXtc-TV and X-Plus TV.

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